Monday, December 12, 2016

Young Animal

Restaurant: Young Animal
Address: (Temporarily on Mondays Only) 2901A Dundas St. W
Phone: 416-569-8949
Operating Hours: (Temporarily on Mondays Only) 6 PM - Close



I was invited to try out a pop-up Trinidadian restaurant called Young Animal. The owner wants to bring attention to Trinidadian food because it's not commonly found in Toronto. Jamaican cuisine dominates the Caribbean food scene here when in fact there are 25 countries that make up  the Caribbean. Trinidadian food has African, Indian, and Chinese influences due to the history of the island. The first dish I tried was the Curry Chicken Roti, commonly known as a Buss Up Shot ($8) in Trinidad. It's broken up roti that you dip into curry and eat with your hands. This is an Indian-inspired dish with very mild spiciness. So it's great for people who cannot handle spicy food!

After, I had the Jerk Trout (the type of fish changes depending on when you visit) with Fried Plantain and Curried Callaloo ($10). This is one of the best dishes I've had to date. I couldn't stop raving about it afterwards to the chef. It's very rare that a dish truly stands out to me because I like practically everything! However, the Jerk Trout does not taste like typical seafood. There's no fishy taste and the combination of flavours simply melts in your mouth. I cannot highly recommend it enough!

The last dish was the Doubles with Tamarind and Mango Chutney ($5). In Trinidad, this is commonly eaten during breakfast. It's a type of sandwich that contains two dough buns with chickpeas squished in between. It's a very tasty vegetarian option!

Young Animal is currently hosting pop-ups on Mondays at Cut the Cheese in the Junction. So if you are in the area, I highly recommend that you check them out! This is a great way to try Trinidadian food if you are looking to explore other Caribbean options within Toronto.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

[TNWS Feature] Vooray

Company: Vooray
Product Type: Fashionable and functional athletic gear and clothing


Vooray was established in 2010 as a sport leisure apparel company. Last year they introduced their gym bags and backpacks, making it a new focus for their brand. I am reviewing their Rose Grey compact duffel from their Burner Gym Bag collection (first picture) for this post. The Burner Gym Bags are much more compact compared to standard-sized gym bags. They got gorgeous patterns and sleek design that appeal to both men and women. 

This bag is well thought out in regards to functionality and comfort. There is a shoe compartment that slips into the bag versus it hanging on the side. It maximizes the space within the bag if you choose not to store your shoes. There are several pockets on the inside of the bag for easy access and organization. The front is padded with faux fur walls to protect items such as your phone and other electronic devices. I personally keep my magnetic work fob in there so I don't have to take it out every time I enter my workplace. The straps are removable and the handles are magnetic. I want to keep this bag as pristine as possible, so I actually keep my gym clothes and toiletries in a reusable tote bag that I tuck within the Burner. 

I honestly cannot rave about this bag enough. I used to carry around a standard size Adidas gym bag for a couple of years whenever I went to the gym. It was quite big and awkward to lug around. I no longer use it and started carrying a separate bag for my workout clothes in addition to my regular handbag. That is until the Burner came into my life. The bag is quite comfortable and carries everything I require throughout the day. Instead of my usual handbag, I would throw in my lunch, wallet, makeup bag, etc., into the Burner along with things I need for yoga.

I highly recommend a Burner Bag for anyone who is a busy bee like me. They are made compact and fashionable so they can be carried around the clock. It's perfect for people who go straight to the gym after work. You can expect it last 2-3 years of daily usage. Though judging from the high quality production of the bag, you can probably make it last a lot longer if you don't abuse it.

Vooray also has different types of bags to fit other needs along with sporty apparel and accessories. Check out their products today to find the perfect holiday gift for that active person in your life!