Friday, January 12, 2018

Konjiki Ramen

Restaurant: Konjiki Ramen
Address: 5051 Yonge St.
Phone: 647-350-7766
Operating Hours: Wed-Mon 11:30 AM - 8 PM, Tues CLOSED



Smoky Black Tonkotsu Ramen, $13 + Egg, $1.50


My Order: Signature Clam Broth Ramen (Shoyu), $14 + Egg, $1.50

I work right across Konjiki Ramen, the hottest Michelin-recommended ramen shop in Toronto right now. The small restaurant shares space with Saryo Cafe, a Japanese dessert shop. I skipped out on it when I was at Konjiki because I wanted to try their soft-serve when summer hits.

I got there at around 11:15 AM on a weekday, 15 minutes before it opened. My cousin and I were third in line. No more than 10 minutes later, the lineup grew rapidly. Being third in line allowed us to get a table to ourselves instead of being placed at a communal table. I decided to go for the Signature Clam Broth Ramen. This can be a hit or miss for some people because a couple of my friends weren't a fan of it. I, on the other hand, quite liked it! It was very light and definitely felt like I had the healthiest ramen option possible. My cousin remarked that it didn't have much flavour. If you are a ramen traditionalist and prefer thicker noodles and a heavier broth, then I recommend going for another ramen like the Smoky Black Tonkatsu Ramen.

I was in and out of the restaurant within 30 or so minutes. You will get swift service and the manager might come by to tell you more about the ramen. I really like how efficient and attentive the staff at Konjiki Ramen was. I wouldn't say I am crazy about the ramen but I definitely enjoyed it. I recommend if you have the ability to go for lunch time, drop by at least 15 minutes before opening to get ahead of the crowd. By the time I left, there was a huge line up. Don't go with more than one other person because it's a tiny shop with limited seating. Konjiki Ramen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Boston Pizza (Yonge and Empress)

Restaurant: Boston Pizza
Address: 100-5170 Yonge St.
Phone: 416-792-3172
Operating Hours: Mon-Thurs 11 - 1 AM, Fri-Sat 11 - 2 AM, Sun 11 - 12 AM


I've been to this location once before during the summer with my coworkers. It was decent service at the time and close to our office so we decided to go again this time around for a coworker's birthday. I'm giving a 1 star based on the service we have all received today. There was a total of 11 people, most arrived right at 12 PM and the rest arrived no more than 10 minutes later. At the time, the restaurant was not very busy. The server took some time to get everyone their drinks. Water was forgotten twice for a couple of people. Our orders were finally taken around 12:20 PM long after everyone got their drinks.

While we waited, another server came out with a couple of plates. We were pretty sure neither platters belonged to anyone at our table. The server gave us a bit of attitude and tried to place down the food. It turned out the food belonged to the table next to us. The group of 7 people beside us came around 12:15 PM and they received their food around 20 minutes after ordering. Our table was still waiting and everyone was getting agitated by 12:40 PM. Most of us only had the ability to take an hour away from the office. Food started coming out around 12:45 PM. Everyone finally got their meals by 1 PM...except me. It wasn't brought out until another coworker of mine pointed out that I haven't received my food yet. The server forgot my plate completely and I did not get my food until around 1:10 PM. I ended up having to scarf down everything as fast as I could because I was supposed to be back at the office half an hour ago. I was not out til close to 1:25 PM. Half of my coworkers were still in the process of eating by the time I left the restaurant.

For lunch, I ordered one of their $10 lunch combos. With the wait that we all had to do for our food from the moment we were seated, we might as well have gone to the food court and paid for the same price but get our food immediately instead.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

[Product Review] La Holjaldreria Artensal

Company: La Holjaldreria Artensal
Product Type: Mexican pastries


La Holjaldreria Artensal is a local Toronto catering business specializing in Mexican pastries. The owner reached out to me to try her pastries and share my thoughts. I am always open to product reviews and am happy to see what local businesses have to offer.

I got to sample the Puff Cheese Balls. The puff pastries were originated in France but the concept of French baking was later introduced to Mexico. The puff cheese balls are now known to be a Mexican pastry, with a lightly sweetened puff shell on the outside and flavourful packed cheese bit on the inside. I am a fan because I absolutely love savoury items. The Puff Cheese Balls are great for people that prefer savoury over sweet pastries.

La Holjaldreria Artensal is available to order online and will be delivered by the owner in person. You can contact for availability and check out their social media for more baked goodies!